UK Parliament Member Warns USA of State Health Care System

Here are my notes from Daniel Hannan interview on Glenn Beck broadcast August 7, 2009.

Daniel Hannan is a member of the UK Parliament.  He stated that he is a fan of our Constitution and the influence it has made on the rest of the world.

Glenn asked for Daniel’s  thoughts on the UK health care system.  Daniel stated that the most striking aspect is that you just go to the back of the queue AND you are not able to supplement your own care with your own money.  At the sound of things, the queue can be months or over a year. There is no concept of spending your own money for your care!!!   It is just not available.  He gave an example of a friend that went for help because of a broken ankle and was told he would have to wait, of course wait for hours.  As his friend was in extreme pain and asked for pain killer, even offered to buy it and was declined.  He gave examples of how long it takes for example:  cataract surgery-8 months, knee replacement takes 12 months, hip replacement takes 11 months, hernia is 5 months on average in 2004 as reported by the BBC on 5/27/09.

The next quote was the most telling and I had to rewind the show so I could get the quote right.  Here goes…

“It is incredible that a free people living in a country dedicated and founded in the cause of independence and freedom can seriously think of adopting such a system in peacetime and massively expanding the role of government when there is no need.”

Daniel explained how the UK health care system came to be in 1944 during the war.  The thinking that led to State health care, was that the UK was already under food rationing, everything was nationalized for the war effort, higher taxes, the country was in an emergency.

Just look at the 5 year survival rates as reported by the American Cancer Society and the Canadian Cancer Society:

  • USA          100%
  • Canada       95%
  • UK               77%

Let me ask you, why is that?

Daniel warned that if the USA allows the government to provide universal health care, it will never be revoked.  Consider that the UK health care bureaucracy is a huge system with over 1.4 million employees, did you get that…1.4 million out of a population of 60 million.   This makes UK health Care the third largest employer in the world, after China’s Red Army and the Indian Rail.  Both the China Red Army and the Indian Rail represent a far smaller proportion of their national populations than the UK health care.

Since I like to know details, I searched on “largest employer in the world” and on March 20, 2004, Times Online reported the largest employers– Indian Rail, Chinese Army and then UK Health Care (NHS)

Also found this little tidbit during my search…USA Today reported on 11/10/2003 that Wal-Mart was the largest private employer in the US second only to the US Federal government.   Hmmm, the largest employer in the USA is the Federal government.   Wow, that seem to be a conflict to smaller government.


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