Something You Can Do – $10 for Tark

Check this out…Hugh Hewitt blog

specifically:    $10 for Tark, update 2, update 3

Hugh Hewitt began the $10 for Tark on Monday August 24, 2009 to send a message to the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that Obamacare has got to be shelved by sending a $10 or greater contribution to the campaign of Harry Reid opponent Danny Tarkanian.  You can contribute online here. Because everyone is wanting to know…what can I do…he asked his listeners to support Danny Tarkanian,  Henry Reid’s opponent in the next election.

I heard Hugh on the radio this week and he talked of his email overflowing with responses from people that have already sent money to Tarkanian.   Is there hope that Harry Reid will be voted out?  One down and many more to go.

Here in Hugh’s words:

What does $10 Buck for Tark say?  That you know what is going on and you won’t forget it.  That you oppose Obamacare and the massive spending.

If you want to take action…

Well, I’m off to donate my $10 for Tark, hope you do the same.


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